Going Solar In Liberia: Roof Installation

I have finally made it possible to put my solar panel on the roof of my house!


It’s a little hard to see, but that’s perfect – I don’t want it to draw attention.

But this new setup is super great. In the morning, when I get back from school, I climb up a ladder with my panel, put it on the roof, and then plug it into the outlet I installed on the roof’s siding. Then it can charge all day without me worrying about it! In the evening, I repeat the process but take the panel back inside.



(I used bamboo and twine to make a little frame the panel uses to rest on the roof)


Once the panel plugged in, it starts charging the battery I have inside my room, and then that battery charges my phone, etc:


Since the house was only partially finished, it was super easy to wire up. There were already pipes installed in the cement walls for future outlets, I just ran my wire through that existing pipe and out the outlet box into my room:


My sidekick Christian crawled into the roof and helped me thread the wire:




This whole setup is such an improvement to babysitting my solar system on my front porch. My battery is now overflowing with energy! My next project will be to take apart a LED lantern, wire it into the ceiling of my living room, and use my system to power it. So much fun!

Rainy season is coming though… I think my panel could survive rain alright, but torrential downpour is another story. Fingers crossed… I’ll let you know how it goes! 

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