New House Tour

Welcome to a tour of my new house!


If you walk through the front door, you enter my living room:


I’ve added the number labels in the picture to help orient you as I continue my tour.

On the immediate left is the first bedroom (1), which still has leftover building materials and needs some TLC.


Continuing counter-clockwise to the next door (2) in my living room (occluded on the left wall) is the master bedroom, where, as you can see, I’ve dumped a majority of my cooking supplies right now.


At the back of the master bedroom you can see a small addition that was built for a bathroom. The pipes are there, but the bathroom has yet to be constructed.

Continuing clockwise to the next door in the living room (3) is my beautiful tile bathroom:


My water filter is there because it’s the only place that is raised off of the floor in the house I could find. (I don’t have tables yet!) I’ve got buckets for showering and buckets for flushing. (Don’t ask me where the water drains to…) And against all odds, I’ve got a toilet seat! Woohoo!

The next door you see on the right side of the living room (4) is my kitchen:


Those little holes in the ground act as a drain. You can wash dishes and then dump your water down it and it’s all quickly absorbed by the sand under the house.

There’s a space to put a gas stove too, but I wanted to use a coal pot because that’s what the Liberians use. Some time in the future, what I really want to do is build a “rocket stove” – a super efficient wood-burning stove.Ā  In the states I had a portable one I used for backpacking, but you can build them for home use with local materials. (Here’s another good resource on rocket stove designs… they’re all over the net)

Back to the living room, if you peer around the right corner where the kitchen door is (4), you can see a hallway leading to a side entrance to my house.


At the end of this hallway, on the right side, is the entrance to my room:


As you can see, I don’t have curtains yet so I’m using a spare mattress for privacy.

Anyway, that’s all the rooms! Tons of space, right? I can’t wait to see how I will be able to use the extra space to serve the community! Right now I’m leaning towards making a sort of library…

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3 Responses to New House Tour

  1. Liz Triche says:

    Yay! A toilet seat!! Tons of space! Your very own space! SO SO SO happy for you!

    I’m a little nervous about the coal cooking though; it is really really bad on the lungs, especially if you are doing it indoors (increased asthma, lung infections etc). I’m all for living as the Liberians, but I spent a chunk of peace corps doing “stove projects” to reduce the huge health impact the indoor coal and wood cooking was having. Protect your lungs and get some gas pleeease!

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