What’s Next

Now that training is over, I’m going to be leaving tomorrow to move to my actual Peace Corps site. It’s pretty much my dream site: I’ll be entering a community that’s never had a Peace Corps Volunteer before and teaching at their local Jr. High school. Also, unlike many volunteers here in Liberia I will not have one of my fellow volunteers as a roommate — which is something I was actually hoping for because I feel like it will allow me to be more completely immersed into my local community. It’s pretty close to Monrovia too! (Although I’m not allowed to tell you the actual name of the place because of Peace Corps policy). Oh, and did I mention it’s on the beach?

So, you might not hear from me for a while, since I will not have access to this fast internet here at the training facility and I’ll be spending a lot of time getting adjusted to living without my host family and preparing for the school year to start. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated!

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2 Responses to What’s Next

  1. Lily Sun says:

    May your transition be smooth and your new home and post all you hoped!

  2. Karry says:

    Good luck Kyle. We all know you will make an amazing teacher because you love what you do

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